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For the last 26 years we've tried to offer a wide variety of boats that are truly checked out and ready to use. If weather permits we will always want to take you on a water test to be certain that everything is working and safe. We've personally run most of the boats so even in winter we can vouch for their performance. We feel that this is in stark contrast to those who sell primarily on the internet and often have never even seen, let alone run some of the boats they offer. Our web site is for information only and is in no way a substitute for the personal attention you will get when you visit here and see actual boats. Wherever you end up buying, there is no substitute for travel and inspecting actual boats. If you don't really know what you're looking at, hire an expert to go with you. Buying from photos on the internet may be easy, but it is never easy to repair problems that were either unknown to or concealed by the seller.

15’ 1920 Thompson Rowboat



100-year-old antique rowboat. Owned by one family on one lake most of those years. Restored by John Carl of Boyd’s Boats in the early 2000s with all new mahogany seats, new gunwales, inwales and knees. Owner planned to varnish the new wood himself but never did. Hull is original, wooded with one layer of cloth and epoxy applied, filled, and brought to a very smooth finish. This boat will be stunning! 

Florida title, with trailer $5,000







The first year of utility production for Gar Wood, with the "zig-zag" three rows of seats. This is a lovely boat with a new traditional bottom, original sides removed, sealed and reattached, and new decks. Power is her original 73hp Chrysler six cylinder which was completely rebuilt. No trailer at this time. Priced at far less than her cost of restoration.





21’ Chris-Craft 1955 Cobra


The Cobra was quite a styling departure for Chris-Craft, and people who worked for the company report that they lost money on each one because it was a difficult boat to build. This comes as no surprise to anyone who has done a major restoration on one. As a result, Chris-Craft did not carry the Cobra on even one more year, and only 56 of the longer 21’ model were ever made. Because of their dramatic styling and low produc tion, they’ve become sort of a cult boat, with a Cobras only meet in 1995 for the 40th, and an even bigger event planned for 2005. We started our boat as a commissioned restoration for a customer whose plans have changed. She’s a major reconstruction of hull BR 21 042 with a cold molded epoxy bottom, double planked decks, and a modern fuel injected Chevy V8, new from the box. Everything else is absolutely original in appearance, with correct instruments adapted to the modern motor. This was one of the 18 boats made with the Cal Connel Cadillac as original power (9 survive) and we do have an unrebuilt Cadillac to go with this boat. I’ve run her with the fuel injected V8 and the performance is excellent. The price represents her cost as a project boat, plus the restoration cost, with no additional markup.

Rare and desirable -*SOLD*


22' 1930 "EUPHORIA" Dee Wite twin cockpit (V-drive)



In 1929 two young women piloted Eurhoria's sistership on a 5,000 mile loop from Detroit to Cairo, Illinois via the Great Lakes, Hudson River, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi River, proving the boat's sea worthiness and durability many times over. Eurphoria is the same model, restored in 2000 with a new bottom (fiberglass over
new wood) and new 5.7 Mercruiser with a factory V-drive.

She is in very presentable user condition now, ready to launch with a recent trailer and full cover.




30’ Fay and Bowen 1925 Triple COCKPIT LAUNCH


This fine old boat is truly a lesson in history and we’d like to see her end up in a museum as several of our other older boats have. She is one of only two built in this style, which represented an effort by Fay and Bowen, the legendary launch builders, to include a triple style boat in their offerings. She was in the water recently and I enjoyed running her. Her last owner installed a modern V6 engine which is far from authentic, but very dependable, and running through a muffler, it’s hard to tell that she doesn’t have a vintage engine. She can be used lightly as-is, or needs work to be an all weather boat.

One of only two, museum piece -*SOLD*


Over the years we’ve had hundreds and hundreds of project boats that we’ve sold to other restoration shops and to do-it-yourself hobbyists. We believe that most of the easily restored boats have already been found and restored, and what we’re finding now are often those hulls that were passed over before as too much work, and indeed they are a lot of work. Unless a project boat is something really special, it is usually wiser to try to find a running or restored example of a particular model instead of undertaking a major restoration. Many of the boats we see now are huge projects that are often beyond the scope and patience of the average hobbyist, and if sent to a shop, would be far too expensive by the time the project was done properly. Consequently, we’re buying fewer and fewer project boats and this list has dropped from over 25 boats to under ten. I’ll try to describe the boats we have here, but keep in mind that I can’t identify every problem that may exist or call out every plank that needs replacement. If these boats came to us with motors they are usually sold with them. If not, the price is obviously less, and you have the option of going with vintage or modern power. Restoring a boat is a wonderful hobby and most people learn by doing, so I don’t mean to be too discouraging, but all these boats will require substantial wood work that will take many hundreds of hours. If you’re looking for a light project, several of the turn-key boats above might fit the bill.


Project boat but extremely original, even has the remains of original upholstery. Original KL motor is still installed. Sides may be mostly saved, but other parts need replacement.



22’ 1928 Chris-Craft Cadet Triple Cockpit

Restoration well along but incomplete. New plywood-epoxy bottom, new decks and hatches (need some trimming), sides partly original, transom is off. Some hardware missing, but important windshield and one upright included. No instruments or steering wheel. No correct motor but a core Hollman and Moody Ford performance motor with transmission could go with this. The Cadet represents quite a head start at a pattern boat price. 




19’ Contemporary Reproduction Chris-Craft Barrelstern

Almost water-ready. 150 hp six-cylinder Chris-Craft engine installed. Engine is rebuilt but has been sitting for several years. Five restored, correct silver instruments, not installed (valued at $3,000). Correct new banjo steering wheel (valued at $2,000). New aqua vinyl upholstery with six kapok cushions. Most hardware included but some needs re-chroming. Gunwale trim will need to be purchased. All carpentry and finish work is done. All wood is new. Epoxy style bottom. Over $70,000 invested.








26' Canadian LAUNCH- Unknown Origin

Long deck style with motor ahead of the cockpit, relatively solid but with no motor. We are selling this for a customer and do not know the maker of the boat. Any information is appreciated. A storage trailer is included, and he wants offers as-is.







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