Recent Additions

6/15/23   - New Rowboat


In 1981, Boyd Mefferd, then an internationally known sculptor specializing in large outdoor works, began restoring runabouts to provide variety in his work and to provide fill in projects between sculpture commissions. The antique boat hobby consisted of a small, but highly enthusiastic group, mainly amateur restorers, who were able to select their current project from a wide range of available craft.

By the late 80s the hobby had become much more popular, more professional restoration shops had opened, and Boyd had become “Boyd’s Boatyard” with five people working on restorations. Boyd was purchasing runabouts, often neglected and in poor shape, from locations all over the U.S. and Canada, and at one point there were 100 boats of all descriptions at the Canton, Connecticut location. During the 90s interest in antique boats boomed and gradually there were fewer and fewer unrestored boats still left to be “found.”

“Boyd’s Boatyard” evolved into a full service sales and restoration facility providing maintenance for hobbyists not interested in hands on involvement, and commissioned restorations for individuals who had a special boat needing work, often something with a long family history. Boat sales continued, featuring both restored and projects, with the inventory reflecting the ever decreasing availability of unrestored runabouts.

You will find no fiberglass boats in Canton, only wood, and because of a combination of philosophical and practical objections, Boyd has never traded in the recently manufactured reproductions runabouts.


Boyd's Antique Boats :: Powder Mill Road :: Canton, CT 06019 :: Phone 860-693-4811